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Birthday Surprise at SLM Sussex Used Cars

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Birthday Surprise at SLM Sussex Used Cars

Husband tricked his wife into believing that he had bought himself an expensive car when really he had bought his wife a lovely Mini for her birthday!

We had the great honour of being 'in' on a birthday surprise this weekend which ended up with tears of joy! (phew)!

Michael Dillon had told his wife Dot that he had brought himself an expensive new car and had been winding her up for two days.  She was not happy with him at all but came along with him to collect it.  While walking past the Mini with ribbons she said ' that's the car I wanted' .......

Still was unaware that the car was for her, they came in and he said 'i've come to collect my new car'.  We all went outside where Lisa gave her the keys to the mini and said 'this is for you and it is all paid for'!  With that, she burst in to tears, punched her husband a few times, and then we were all in tears .................

She was very happy and Micheal has a few well earned brownie points!!!